Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cabby poem

Kid gets in my cab,
headphones on,
thousand-yard stare,
saliva-coated chin.
Four people walk him
to the cab door and leave.
My eye never leaves the mirror.
He sits and rocks a little,
hums softly.
I think he is his own universe.
There are strange stars
in his sky.
He revolves around himself
silent and stately.
I am nothing here.
Maybe a small moon
casting inconsequential light.

Monday, June 22, 2009

city boy


City boy finds himself in the country
finds himself lost in the silence of the corn
in the far misty horizon
in good land rolling away forever

Seeking roots
or a home
or a place
where he can rest

The wide open here scares him
who has loved cityscapes
and cloud-scraping buildings
and the babble of the towers of men

Seeking space
a place to roost
a house of healing
a place to hide

In dreams his soul departs
rides ribbons of power lines
into the restless city
joins in the dance of night

Spirals upward
seeking light
needing love
finding none

His soul trolleys back
along ribbons spanning fields
into the arms of Corn Woman
finding there all he has ever sought

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friends and poetry

Here are two lovely women with their boots round my shoulders. At left is Sharon, right is Ellen.
They caught my reading of Red Boots at the Harmony Cafe in Appleton June 15. It was a blast.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Throwing Open A Life

It was early when I left
left the door open
left the raincoat on the hook
umbrella in the corner
I left in the rain
hands in my pockets
whistling a Led Zeppelen tune
about leaving in the summer time
leaving when the summer comes a'rolling
I heard the road call like it used to
I heard it calling me back home

Home is a heart out there
that is leaving right now
purse on the sofa
keys on a hook
an open face
whistling her favorite leaving tune
rolling towards me like summer thunder