Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Johhny Winter on the juke, words in my head

Highway 41
(after Bob Dylan)

I asked old man Ole
listen to me please,
I got ten cans of beer
and a pound of cheese,
I need to get a party out of this,
Ole said hold on there slick
I don’t think it can be done.
If I were you I’d get my ass
out to Highway 41

Jenny said to me one day
I want you to off my ex,
I’ll give you two hundred bucks
and some so-so sex,
just get the fucker off my back.
I said we can skip the nasty,
where can I find this son.
She said I cant say for sure,
somewhere off Highway 41

A Packer player asked his coach
to score him a lid of weed.
Coach came to me to get
him just what he need.
This ain’t no performance enhancing drug.
If ya want to beat the Bears
ya need to have some fun.
Take two of these and head south
down Highway 41

Mattress Mary had twenty bucks
and some clap that would not quit.
Could I get her some of that stuff
to get rid of this funky shit.
I said babe I ain’t no M.D.
I’d like to sit around and chat
But I really got to run.
You got to stop selling your ass
out on Highway 41

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