Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't get me to talkin'

The only interesting thing about me anymore
are my stories.
Things I did.
Where I was.
Who I’ve met.
Better than being a grumpy old fart
gumming his daily bread
with a bitter face.
It is true I don’t walk very far anymore.
Doesn’t mean I ain’t been down roads.
I’ve been from here to there and back.
I have more miles than most.
If you were my age, I’d wager
though we’ve seen the same sunsets
I can name more of mine.
I’ve been in that beautiful place
where loneliness and awe
happen in equal measure.
I’ve met some people once
who I love to this day.
I’ve dodged fists, cue sticks,
bottles and bricks but never the law.
Okay. Maybe twice.
I have tasted rain so sweet.
I’ve drank things from
corn whiskey to Sauternes,
every thing in between.
I have slept in awful places.
I treated my body like
an amusement park and
my mind like a party.
I traded my heart for
bad pennies and sour grapes.
I’ve treated some hearts the same.
Don’t get me to talking…
I got all night.

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