Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

To my brothers and sisters in the military,
here or moved on, thank you.
You put yourself in Harms way
or supported those who did.
So, for putting ourselves
through the strangeness of boot camp,
endured the training, the classes,
the humiliation, and finally the bonding,
Then the schools and first postings,
the travel and the rules, always the rules.
And we did it for our families,
for our Country, and for ourselves.
Whatever your battle, engagement,
police action, cruise or flyover;
You lived through it, or not.
Either way, you are heroes.
So, to us Sailors, Anchors away!
To the grunts, and the new Army! Forward!
To you jarheads, Harrroooo!
You fly boys, (and girls),
do, what ever in the hell you do.

i don't know what I believe,
I'll be home on Christmas Eve.
One! Two!
Three! Four!

I tip my beer to us all.

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