Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My Yahoo!


How to walk the line between
utter cosmic radiance
and the same old same old day;
Step out of your life a moment.
Be dangerous.
Get your heart beating strong.
Say no instead of yes.
Repeat it, with hand gestures.
Take no shit,
no stupidity.
Say what you’ve always wanted to say.
It doesn’t take much to be a hero.
It is in all of us,
that desire to be a cause.
It can define us.
There is no difference
between my life and your life.
We are part of a dream,
and God is soon to wake up.
I got that road adrenaline
rumbling through my blood.
It used to be my buzz of choice.
I’d be thrown up a notch.
See in six directions,
hear in seven ways,
Knew what you’d do
before you thought of it.
Notice the silhouette
of a hawk in a tree
from a quarter-mile.
I could hear the thoughts
of the men who
graded and laid this blacktop.
The truck, the load, me.
The road signs, the wind.
The vanishing point far ahead.

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